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You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You and the stranger both like mormor, Johnlock, and Sherlock.

You: Boss? -SM

Stranger: Yes, Sebby? -JM

You: I kill the man, you need something else? -SM

Stranger: No, no. That’s fine. Good job, tiger! Tell me about it. Was it quick? -JM

You: Yes, nothing hard. How was your day? -SM

Stranger: Aw, so considerate. My day was fine. Dreadfully boring, of course, but fine. -JM

You: Glad to hear that, what are you doing tonight? -SM

Stranger: Depends on if you’ll be home for dinner. -JM

You: Yes, don’t worry. I brought you a present -SM

Stranger: A present? Goodness, Sebby, you’re just the best. This is why I keep you around, love. -JM

You: I am sure that you are gonna love it -SM

Stranger: I can’t wait~ When are you coming back? -JM

You: Just in minutes -SM

Stranger: Pick us up some wine on the way home, will you? From that liquor store on the corner? -JM

You: Okay, which wine? -SM

Stranger: I don’t care. Whatever’s your favorite. -JM

You: Okay -SM

You: After some minutes Sebastian arrives in the flat. He comes in “Jim?”

Stranger: ”I’m in here, Seb,” Jim sings out from the kitchen. “I’m making dinner, hope you like steak.”

You: ”Yes” he leaves the wine in the table and goes to the kitchen “ready for the surprise?”

Stranger: ”Yes!” Grinning, Jim turned to face Seb, leaning back against the counter. “What is it?”

You: ”Close your eyes little bastard” Sebastian says smiling

Stranger: ”Tsk, tsk. Rude,” Jim chides jokingly as he closes his eyes.

You: He walks behind Jim “Do you remember that awesome Westwood suit that you can’t get because they don’t have more?”

Stranger: Jim gasps, grinning. “You /didn’t,/ Sebbie!” He can’t resist peeking one eye open and looking over his shoulder at his sniper.

You: ”Open your eyes..” Sebastian has a big box of Westwood in his hands “They put a little J and a M on the jacket, for you”

Stranger: ”Oh my-” Jim’s speechless as he takes the box out of Sebastian’s hands and eases open the top so he can see the beautiful suit inside. He looks up at his sniper, eyes shining. “And it’s not even my birthday!” is all he can think to say.

You: ”I know” He smiles “Do you like it?”

Stranger: ”/Yes,/” Jim replies forcefully, gently placing the box on the table and throwing his arms around Sebastian’s neck. “Thank you /so much/, love!”

You: ”Glad to hear that” wraps his arms around Jim’s hip and leaves a little kiss on Moriarty’s nose.

Stranger: ”Aww.” Jim stands on his tiptoes and holds Sebastian’s face in his hands, giving him a proper kiss.

You: He kisses Jim “I love you”

Stranger: ”I- love- you- too,” Jim replies, punctuating each word with another quick little kiss before spinning out of Sebastian’s arms and back to the suit box. “How did you get this?” he asks, carefully unfolding the jacket and putting it on over his t-shirt.

You: ”Well, you have your contacts, i have my contacts ” he winks at Jim

Stranger: ”Aha,” Jim mutters knowingly, turning around to give Seb the full view of his new jacket. “What do you think?”

You: ”Perfect, like you” says while opening the wine

Stranger: ”You’re sweet.” Jim takes off the jacket and carefully folds it up again, not wanting it to get the slightest bit wrinkled or dirty. “Dinner’s ready.”

You: ”Okay, i put the table, do you want wine?”

Stranger: ”Sure.” Jim surveys Seb’s choice with an appraising glance and nods in approval, reaching for the wine glasses in the cabinet.

You: Seb finishes with the table and waits for Jim

Stranger: Once the food is on the table, Jim sits down opposite Seb and raises his glass to toast. “To Westwood,” he declares with a cheeky grin.

You: Seb smiles “To Westwood” and then drinks a little bit of wine

Stranger: Jim takes a sip of his own wine and serves himself some steak. “So everything went smoothly today?” he asks, raising an eyebrow. “With the job?”

You: ”Yes, was an easy one. What about you?” Serves a piece of steak and starts to eat

Stranger: ”Ugh.” Jim rolls his eyes. “I was talking to a client who would /not/ shut up about his stupid ex-wife or something, how he wanted her dead. That’s your job for the weekend. The both of them.” He takes a bite of steak.

You: ”Okay” sips a little more of wine. “This is fantastic Jim, awesome dinner”

Stranger: ”Aw, thank you!” Jim doesn’t cook often, although he’s good at it. “It’s the least I can do for you, after you did such a good job today and came home with such a fantastic present.”

You: ”You deserve all the Westwood store, is the least that i can do for you”

Stranger: Jim blushes a little and looks down, smiling. “You’re so wonderful, tiger. I don’t know what I’d do without you.” He keeps eating, throwing occasional glances at Seb.

You: ”Thanks Jim, i love you, you are more than deserve to have” Grabs Jim’s hand

Stranger: Jim presses his lips to Seb’s hand. “You’re such a romantic all of a sudden. I don’t know what’s gotten into you but I like it.”

You: ”Thanks” He sips more wine “What do you think about marriage?”

Stranger: Jim stopped dead in his tracks, looking up at Seb carefully. “I… suppose I’d be up for it,” he says. “I mean, it seems… nice. Er, why do you ask?”

Stranger: ((*stops))

You: ”Just… asking” Looks at Jim’s face “can you imagine yourself married one day ?”

Stranger: ”I don’t know.” He shrugs and takes a generous sip of wine. “Maybe. Guess I’ve never really thought about it.” He puts down the glass thoughtfully and continues. “Come to think of it, it might be nice.”

You: ”How nice?.. I mean.. you know.. ” Sebastian looks at the floor “I love you”.

Stranger: ”I love you…too.” Jim’s got a vague idea of what Seb is suggesting, but he can hardly dare to hope. “It all depends on the person. You know, that I’d be marrying. But I can see myself being quite happy with the right husband.” It goes without saying who that right husband would be.

You: ”And.. who is the right husband?”

Stranger: ”Well… You know.” Jim clears his throat, but he still has trouble speaking above a mumble. “Y-you, I suppose.”

You: ”Re…really?” He smiles, gets a little blushed

Stranger: ”Well, yes.” Jim’s finally able to look up. He takes Seb’s hand in both of his and smiles. “Don’t be ridiculous. I love /you/. Who else am I supposed to marry?”

You: ”I don’t know…” Sebastian takes a big sigh “I… you.. there’s something in the poket of your new Westwood..”

Stranger: Jim stares at Sebastian for a long moment, then goes to retrieve the suit box from where he’d placed it on the couch. He searches around, finally coming up with a small box. “Sebastian, what is this?” he asks carefully.

You: ”A little Westwood box?” says trying to look innocent

Stranger: ”What’s inside this box?” Jim’s not letting him off the hook that easily.

You: ”Maybe a little piece of jewelry that Westwood made just for you?” Gives another sip of wine.

Stranger: With shaking hands, Jim opens the box, his eyes going wide as he sees the ring inside. His mouth opens, but no sound comes out, and he just looks up at Sebastian, shocked but grinning.

You: ”Read the note inside the box”

Stranger: Jim’s lips move soundlessly as he scans the paper inside the box. His hands are shaking so much that he doesn’t trust himself to hold the box, so he pushes aside his plate and sets it down on the table, sitting back in his chair with a deep sigh. “Seb,” he says, “Are you asking to-” but he can’t finish the sentence.

You: ”Yes, i am asking to marry me” He walks to Jim and put one knee on the floor, takes jim’s hand “James Moriarty, will you marry me? You are the most wonderful man in all the earth, i love you more than anything, please, spend the rest of your life with me.. “

Stranger: ”Yes!” Jim shrieks, throwing himself into Seb’s arms and not caring if they both fall over on the floor. “Yesyesyesyesyes! Oh my /God/, Sebbie!” He’s shocked to find that he’s crying, and he buries his face in Sebastian’s shoulder so the other man won’t see.

You: Sebastian takes Jim and trying to not fall with him, he smiles, he almost cry, Moran is the most happiest man in the universe “Are you crying?” he ask, then he kisses Jim’s head

Stranger: ”No,” Jim lies, making a face. “I’m not crying. I’m just… oh god.” He holds Sebastian tightly, rocking back and forth. “Are you serious?” he blurts out, knowing it’s a ridiculous question.

You: ”Yes” he gives him another kiss and hugs him

Stranger: ”Then yes. I do. Or whatever you’re supposed to say. Definitely yes, let’s do it, let’s get married.” Jim’s rambling, but he doesn’t care. He’s almost deliriously happy as he kisses Seb again.

You: Sebastian smiles at him “I love you my little devil”

Stranger: Jim sits up straight and retrieves the ring box from the table, bringing it down so both he and Seb can look at it. “It’s beautiful,” he breathes, shaking his head with wonder, and he carefully takes it from the box and slips it on his finger.

You: ”It’s unique, like you” says and then kiss jim’s forehead.

Stranger: ”Mmm.” Jim tucks his head under Sebastian’s chin, leaning into him. “You know, of all the men to marry, you picked the strangest one,” he jokes.

You: Sebastian laughs “Maybe, but is the best and perfect man too”

Stranger: ”No, love, you’re perfect,” Jim promises, lacing their fingers together and holding up his hand, marveling at the ring. “And we’ll be perfect together.”

Stranger: ((Goodness, I’m so sorry, lovely Stranger, but I have to go to sleep now. This was absolutely incredible though, thanks so much.))

You: ”Yes, we do” he kisses his future husband

You: ((It’s okay, thanks to you <3 ))

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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